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Hi guys, do you think is there a way to play as Malcolm, Mom, Mimi or Dudley Landgraab in The Sims Bustin out by hack or anything else ? I always wanted to know what are their personality points in order to recreate them as close as possible in pc versions of The Sims franchise. If you know a way to edit them in the CAS of the game, it'd be geat too so we could have a close up of their faces for the same purpose. I have them on the game gary's mod but the quality of the textures was quite bad, I cant recreate them properly.M.Plènozas (talk) 12:38

Nevermind, I've just found the prima strategy guide of The Sims bustin out with the profile of these characters, I'll edit their wiki pages soon to match what I found.M.Plènozas (talk) 20:56, March 11, 2018 (UTC)