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This is a forum devoted to The Sims game discussions, including talking about upcoming expansions, player-created mods and downloads, ideas for future expansions, etc. To begin a new conversation, use the 'Start a new thread' box below.

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I misread the "Abandoned Fanon" thing as "Ascended Fanon"16:59, February 18, 2018GaiaMIX
Clement Riffin "haunting" other houses?17:51, January 20, 2018K6ka
Mila Munch23:36, December 7, 2017151.63.229.189
They did not add it in The Sims 4 in three years!00:53, November 24, 2017Jeremia-Lecato
Most of You will probably be horrified13:24, November 10, 2017TheCallOfScaryStuff
Will Origin have a new look again?14:26, October 13, 2017K6ka
How old are the Goths08:36, September 6, 2017C.Syde65
Anyone interested in modding the fire pickup truck that carpools you to work in ambitions?12:35, August 16, 2017K6ka
Sims 4 Create A World tool (CAW)22:01, August 5, 2017K6ka
Hip hop radio station in TS422:14, July 10, 2017K6ka
The sims 4 create a world16:19, July 10, 2017Spyroaccount626
Best Expansion/Stuff Packs The Sims 323:17, May 9, 2017K6ka
TS4 Toddler lag20:36, April 7, 2017K6ka
History sims would you choose?14:59, March 21, 2017Kaiko Mikkusu
How much money does TS3 give you when you first start with a new family at most?14:56, March 21, 2017Kaiko Mikkusu
Will The Sims 4 become Open World?14:23, March 3, 2017K6ka
The Grim Reaper is a playable character in my game??23:07, November 8, 2016K6ka
Ask Sunny The Sims 3 Questions03:08, August 16, 2016Samychristinee
Sims Engements11:40, August 2, 2016Reginaandgold101
Capp/Monty Feud13:03, July 16, 2016Darytyg123123
Wishlist for The Sims 412:25, July 16, 2016Darytyg123123
What was the weirdest thing that happened in your game?12:11, July 16, 2016Darytyg123123
Future expansions?12:05, July 16, 2016Darytyg123123
Family Tree (Sims 2) Question01:57, June 14, 2016K6ka
The Sims for GBA and DS on Wii U VC.12:58, June 8, 2016KailynnKat
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