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FANDOM is researching how fans edit on your community14:44, March 5, 2018K6ka
New Metabox development06:43, February 7, 2018LostInRiverview
Content moderators21:53, January 9, 2018K6ka
Could we reopen fanon battles?21:43, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
The Sims 4 trait pages21:42, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Nav header changes21:41, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Merging all TS4 stuff packs into one article21:39, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Policy for blocks and unblocks21:39, January 9, 2018K6ka
Leaving wikia21:38, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Reforming the deletion process21:31, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
RFA reform21:27, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Multiple account policy21:25, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Bot policy21:24, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Clarifying fanon ownership02:39, September 19, 2017LostInRiverview
The Sims Medieval Wiki02:26, September 19, 2017LostInRiverview
Changing the warning template00:15, April 2, 2017K6ka
Revisiting MoS: Capitalization04:07, January 8, 2017LostInRiverview
Changing infobox colors04:05, January 8, 2017LostInRiverview
Retiring the battles15:21, December 31, 2016K6ka
Starting a new IRC channel on ChatLounge15:47, October 19, 2016K6ka
Retiring The Sims Wiki News and The Sims Pen22:57, September 11, 2016K6ka
Permitting user-created fanon categories15:02, August 22, 2016LostInRiverview
Removing rollback requirement for admin candidates14:57, August 22, 2016LostInRiverview
IRC channel reform02:27, July 3, 2016K6ka
Changes to the edit warring and rollback policies01:30, March 19, 2016LostInRiverview
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